New Faculty Brings Innovation to Respiratory Therapy Program in Canada

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Fresh Air: Rady UM Welcomes New Assistant Professor in Respiratory Therapy The field of respiratory therapy is getting a breath of fresh air as Rady UM welcomes Dr. Louise Chartrand as the new assistant professor in the College of Rehabilitation Sciences. Her appointment marks a significant milestone as one of the only tenure-track academics in Canada specializing in a respiratory therapy program. Dr. Chartrand brings a wealth of experience to Rady UM, having worked extensively in the field as a respiratory therapist for over twenty years. Her previous academic experience includes co-directing the respiratory therapy program at a college in Quebec, where she also conducted research on respiratory therapy education and interprofessional collaboration. Dr. Chartrand is excited to be pioneering new developments in the field, saying, "It's exciting because it's new, and we can make it our own." She recognizes the immense potential for growth in the respiratory therapy field and hopes to play a significant role in advancing it. One area of focus for Dr. Chartrand is interprofessional education, which emphasizes the importance of collaboration between different healthcare professions in delivering patient-centered care. "There's a lot of emphasis now on collaboration and teamwork, especially with the rise of complex chronic diseases," she notes. "Respiratory therapists play a crucial role in caring for patients with respiratory diseases, but we must work closely with other healthcare providers to ensure the best outcomes for patients."Dr. Chartrand also emphasizes the importance of evidence-based practice, which involves using the latest research findings to inform clinical decision-making. She notes that technological advances have made it possible to collect much more data, which can be used to improve patient care. However, there is a need to integrate this data effectively into clinical practice. "We need to ensure that our students are equipped with the skills to analyze and interpret data so that they can provide the best possible care to their patients," she says.To achieve these goals, Dr. Chartrand plans to work closely with colleagues in the College of Rehabilitation Sciences to develop a cutting-edge respiratory therapy program that is both evidence-based and interprofessionally focused. She also plans to conduct research on the effectiveness of different respiratory therapy interventions and collaborate with other researchers in the field to advance knowledge in this area.Commenting on Dr. Chartrand's appointment, Dr. Reg Urbanowski, Dean of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, says, "We're thrilled to have someone of Dr. Chartrand's caliber join our faculty. Her expertise in respiratory therapy and interprofessional education will be invaluable in advancing our program and contributing to the broader field."Dr. Chartrand's appointment comes at a critical time, as the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of respiratory therapy in supporting patients with acute respiratory distress. However, long-term respiratory conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) also take a heavy toll on public health, underscoring the importance of continued investment in this field.Dr. Chartrand is poised to be at the forefront of this investment, driving innovation and collaboration in respiratory therapy education and research in Canada and beyond. Her work promises to breathe new life into this vital field, enabling respiratory therapists to provide the best possible care to their patients for years to come.

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Efficient Air-to-Water Heat Pump for Heating, Cooling and Hot Water in Compact Design

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As the world continues to search for more sustainable ways to power our homes and buildings, the use of air-to-water heat pumps has gained popularity. These pumps are a highly efficient and cost-effective means of heating and cooling buildings while also providing hot water. {} has recently launched their newest air-to-water heat pump, the HPSU Compact, which boasts an integrated hygienic thermal store – making it an even more compelling option for homeowners and businesses looking to save on energy costs.The HPSU Compact air-to-water heat pump is a reliable and high-performance system that offers both heating and cooling functions. Its compact design is perfect for properties with limited space while still delivering outstanding results. The HPSU Compact can be installed in homes or businesses for both new construction or retrofitting purposes. The system can also be used with underfloor heating systems for optimal efficiency.The HPSU Compact offers a range of benefits, including significantly reducing energy bills. It is designed to make use of renewable energy from the air outside, making it an eco-friendly alternative to conventional heating and cooling systems. Additionally, its high levels of energy efficiency earned it an A+++ rating, meaning it’s the most efficient heat pump in its class – further boosting its eco-friendly credentials.The addition of an integrated hygienic thermal store makes it even more appealing for homeowners and businesses. The thermal store provides clean, hygienic hot water and can be used to heat the property and as a back-up for the central heating. The hot water is stored in a separate tank, meaning that the water coming from the taps is clean and free of any impurities, bacteria, or unpleasant odors.The HPSU Compact has been designed to operate silently and comes with a fully configurable and intuitive controller that allows users to set their preferred heating and cooling levels with ease. It’s also highly versatile, with the option of either horizontal or vertical installation.In addition to the HPSU Compact, {} offers a range of other sustainable heating and cooling solutions. Their expert technicians can help customers choose the right system to meet their unique needs, ensuring that homes and businesses are kept comfortable and energy costs are minimized.With innovation and sustainability at its core, {} is dedicated to making products that help customers to be more responsible and respectful of the planet. Their skilled team of experts brings years of experience in designing and delivering heating and cooling solutions to customers worldwide. They work hard to ensure that their products are not only efficient but also reliable, low maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing.In conclusion, the addition of the HPSU Compact air-to-water heat pump to {}’s range of sustainable heating and cooling systems is great news for customers who are looking for cost-effective and eco-friendly energy solutions. With its compact design, efficient operation, and integrated hygienic thermal store, the HPSU Compact is a perfect choice for homeowners and business owners looking for an affordable and sustainable heating and cooling solution. For more information about the HPSU Compact and {}’s range of other products, visit their website today.

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